Not every SVG file you download or purchased is ready for cricut, many of them coms in combo format, means many graphics in one file.

How we can separet our favor graphic from a combo file and make it ready for your Cricut project.

First, we need appropiated tools, I belibeced all you have design space from Cricut, but it is NOT covience to use for brrak down files.

Here is an example, I am uploading a combo file to Design Space.

  1. Here is first warning " File is too big, it may taka a while"
  2. Wait over 5 minutes to the combo file upload complete
  3. Now we insert into a project
  4. We need click on the lock icon means editable
  5. We need ungroup all and delete the uneceessay graphics
  6. Finally, we get out favour graphic.

Looks hard to use ? right, Design Space is NOT for graphic edit, it only for prepare your cricut projects.

Now, I suggest a Free softeare – Inksacpe, it can edit many type of graphics, especially for vector graphics, some professinal graphics such EPS and DXF file, it also handle them like a charm.


You can download Inscape here, it is completely FREE for personal use.

Then we download a Hello Kitty SVG Combo at jartoutlets which my favor cartton vectors graphics supplier.

A huge combo file, next article I will show you how to break this huge combo file in single graphics and save each graphics for our future projects


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